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10 Great Health Benefits and Uses of Argan Oil

One of best healing oil in the world “the Argan Oil.” It has been given many names due to its multitude of advantages that it carries in. some people call it miracle tree and often referred to as “liquid Gold” as well. Extracted from the tree of Moroccan argan tree, the can be used both cosmetically and medicinally for many purposes.

The argan oil’s benefits are beyond just the beauty enhancing it carries. It is good for skin to the heart. Due to its many benefits, the argan forest in the Morocco was declared Biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1968.

For generations over generations natives of the argan forest have extracted the argan oil and had used in wound healing, rash healing, to nourish skin and hair. It has been used in many beauty products like shampoos and cream due to it extravagant attributes that it carries in it. Argan oil is enriched with a lot of nutrients especially Vitamin E and fatty acids and antioxidants. That is the reason when t is applied to the skin it deeply nourishes the skin gives it an ultra-soft and healthy look.

If you have already made up your mind on buying Argan oil, here is the thing that you might want to know as well. You don’t need to buy those expensive cosmetic products, just buy argan oil, it would be little expensive but would be a great addition to your cosmetic collection.

So what is it that makes the argan oil a “liquid gold”? Let’s break down on the top 10 benefits of the argan oil, that you may observe when you start using the argan oil. Let us begin!

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Benefit #1- Enhances skin condition

What is the thing that an aging person especially woman dreads most? It’s the condition of sin and the wrinkles on t. yes; of course, wrinkles greatly tarnish the appearance of yourself and the condition of health. Studies have proved that argan oil helps reduce wrinkles from the skin and helps promote the healthy and nourished skin. Not only this, argan oil hinders premature aging that may be due the several hormonal changes. It has been proved that argan oil also helps with the skin pigmentation as well.

Benefit #2 – Strengthen nails

Nails are the beauty icon for women. Longer stronger nails are greatly admired. Sadly many women can keep up with the modern society due the condition their nails. Well, there is an amazing solution for the women who have brittle and soft nails that break off every time you try to grow them longer. The argan has been proven to be wonderful nail grower and not just grower, it grows them stronger and nourished. By applying a drop of argan oil to your nails and massaging it for 3 to 5 minutes will be highly fruitful. It would not only cure that sick yellow look of your nails but would be a great moisturizer to them. If you have calluses on your feet, this extra beneficial oil will treat that very effectively.

Benefit #3 – Promotes digestion and hinders diabetes

There are millions of people who face problems with the digestion and diabetes. Well, the argan oil has been studied for the projects of indigestion and diabetes and the results which came out are phenomenal. It effectively enhances metabolism enhances digestion. It also decreases insulin resistance and increases pepsin to help in easy digestion.

Benefit #4 – Lip conditioner and skin moisturizer

Dry lips are very uncomfortable to have. They crack hurt and bleed in severe cases. Dry skin may result in fine lines and wrinkles. Argan oil is a wonderful moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated all day long.

Benefit #5 – Heals Acne

A study conducted to test if the argan oil is a viable treatment for the acne? The results which came out were quite encouraging, 95% of the people who participated in the test experienced less oiliness. This result can be used to treat various kinds of acnes and spots.

Benefit #6 – Lowers cholesterol levels

High cholesterol level is highly dangerous. It means you are more exposed to the risk of heart attack. Argan oil has been proven to control cholesterol and enhances liver for better metabolism.

Benefit #7 – Removes/prevents stretch marks

After or during pregnancy many women experience stretch marks on the abdomen, which are not at all good looking. By applying argan oil twice a day in the affected area improves collagen production and removes starch marks.

Benefit #8 – Anti-inflammatory

Argan oil can be used for the treatment of sore muscles and joints. It is enriched with flavonoids which are highly potent anti-inflammatory agents.

Benefit #9 – Enhances immune system

Argan oil is very beneficial in stimulating our body’s own self-defense. A study conducted on rats showed highly appreciative results. The argan oil is enriched with antioxidants that eliminate free radical. It has proved to be handy in preventing various types of cancers.

Benefit #10 – Nourishes hairs

Do you know the secret of Moroccan women’s beautiful hairs? Yes, the argan oil. It not only repairs damaged hairs but also promotes the growth of hairs and keep them moisturized. It also heals split ends.

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