Tava Tea – A New Formula To Reduce Weight

Can You Really Lose Weight Just By Drinking a Weight Loss Tea?

Many tea formulas are being introduced into the market due to their weight reducing properties. Tava tea being one of them helps to burn fat more effectively. A good thing about it is that it is made entirely of natural ingredients which make it safe for use.


  • Fast weight loss and no harmful effects
  • Safe and effective to use
  • Compared to green tea, burns 2.5 times more fats
  • Natural and organic ingredients are used
  • Enriched with necessary minerals and vitamins
  • Elevates the rate of metabolism
  • More polyphenol amount than regular green tea
  • Also has antioxidants to stop aging
  • Reduces cholesterol amount in body
  • Better blood circulation
  • Increases energy level and reduces appetite.
  • Improves the memory

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How it Works

This slimming supplement performs by providing the body with required nutrients that help with weight loss and to improve overall health. To generalize it, Tava Tea boosts the body’s rate of metabolism, stops fat absorption, and restores health conditions

Oils from the tea having many powerful nutrients are derived from the mixture of quality whole tea leaves so that they can easily be taken into the body and works wonders on the body. Every time you drink a cup, you get the required nutrients to see a change in your body and also in a quick period of time, as compared to other products.

Studies have shown that these unique weight reduction and many health benefits of this tea mixture are due to the polyphenols which are released by the whole tea leaves. These polyphenols are also called EGCG, which is an antioxidant to trap free radicals and slows down aging and cancer, and not only increase the rate of metabolism but also cause more fat burn.

Scientific studies conducted in many academic centers and research institutions in Japan have produced unbelievable results in those subjects who drank Wuyi Cliff Oolong tea as opposite to those who simply drank ordinary green tea or water.

Aside from the increase in fat or calorie burning, studies have proven that drinking this tea also helps to maintain insulin levels in people who take a diet filled with carbohydrates.

Clinical Studies – Research

A study undergone in Japan’s University of Tokushima School of Medicine found out that oolong tea drinkers, the main component of Tava Tea, showed increase in calorie expenditure and better results than drinking only green tea.

Also, scientists at the Suntory Research Center in Osaka, found out that drinking oolong tea prior to eating any carbohydrate rich foods will help decrease insulin level, which usually elevates after a high carb diet. Increased insulin leads to promote less fat burn and increase in body weight.

A clinical study which conducted in Taiwan showed that when 78 obese women drank 400mg of green tea extract three times a day for 12 weeks, their cholesterol and triglyceride levels were reduced in a massive way.

500 hyperlipidemia patients in France were provided with a daily dose of 3-4 cups of pu-erh extracts. After a period of 30 days, the results were shocking as it nearly doubled the result of what green tea does to Japanese women in the Osaka study conducted previously. Means pu-erh can reduce your cholesterol to a great deal.


The many beneficial and weight reduction effects of the Tava Tea comes from its unique mixture of herbal and natural ingredients which are combined and formulated in a way to help absorb the maximum amount of nutrients as possible.

The main ingredients contained in this tea mixture include:

Wuyi Cliff Oolong – It is the main ingredient that causes weight reduction

Sencha – tea leaves

All of these are from the green tea family, helping to burn fat, act as antioxidant and lower cholesterol level.

Direction of Usage

Brew a tea bag in 3-4 cups of water until required, cool down and drink it as much as your require throughout the day. It has an all natural and safe formula, so you do not have to worry about any negative effects of it. But if you are on some other medication, do consult a doctor in case any interaction might occur. Also, do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, since no fetal safety has been established yet.

Side Effects

It has been used traditionally in Japan for a long time, which proves that it is quite safe to use. It natural and herbal formula makes this product easy to trust on. Make sure that before use you clearly read the instructions and do not drink more as required. If you notice the change after the consumption of this tea, consult your physician immediately.

Final Verdict

It can be used easily for weight reduction, since it is all natural and herbal formula, and has been used for   a long time. So use it for best results.

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