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Secrets of Diet that are International Ones:

Obesity Rate on the International scale:

Despite having various diet secrets that are related to weight loss and foods that are considered ideal for a diet in many countries of the globe, Obesity rate internationally is at the rising and it seems as a gigantic issue that is not being tackled properly.

More than 400 million people around the globe are the victim of obesity and the figure of overweight people is almost 1.6 billion (that is quite a number!). These figures are not some random numbers but the data that WHO (World Health Organization) has happened to collect.

Additionally, there are a huge number of children worldwide that also comes in the category of obese beings, the figure is around 155 million who is overweight and up to one-third children fall in the category of obesity as per an official report of IASO.

Are you aware that America is on the top of the list of the countries that have the highest obesity rates? However, not all countries are on this list, so what is the secret? Why are not all the countries are facing the problem of obesity, what is different in their life style or what secrets do they have to avoid the beast of obesity?

For a healthy life style, Weight Loss, and diet!

Have you ever ponder upon the secrets of food and diet that healthy beings possess? How can they manage to be fit and slim? What are their eating habits? What kind of life style do they follow?

Certainly, when their country is not facing the issue of obesity, they are supposed to be doing something different than the rest of the world.

Hence, today our discussion is going to cover the international secrets of diet, and Lifestyle of the nationalities and countries that are leading their lives in a healthy yet the stylish way..!

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Other Asian Countries and specifically Japan:

Japanese people are actually famous for their slim, smart physique and amazing beauty.

According to the various researchers, people of Japan tend to live longer and they often enough lead a healthy life too.

They have numerous cultural beliefs as well as traditions that present various secrets that include for long and healthy life styles, they seem simple but as a matter of fact, they are complex.

So, here are a few top of the list secrets for losing weight and a kind of revelation that is why they don’t face issues such as obesity.

How do French People do this?

Did you know, French People whether male or female, they are ultra slim and they have this glow of health?

  1. They use different plates for every item on the meal and usually, the plates and bowls are also small in size
  2. There are several vegetable dishes included with almost every meal that they take
  3. They have a green life style, means pure green vegetables and fruits are consumed on the regular basis
  4. They literally enjoy every bite of their meal
  5. They pay special attention to the presentation of the food, it needs to be picturesque
  6. Portions are controlled
  7. Large portions of vegetable
  8. Rice is kind of a compulsory part of various meals
  9. Natural soy products are another important part of their meals
  10. Either they do not take desserts or even if they take it the served amount is quite a small one
  11. Meat consumption is rather rare and fatty fish is a favorite form of protein
  12. Traditionally, they prefer drinking Green Tea


But, how do they manage?

It is not a hidden secret that France is famous for the desserts worldwide. So, apparently, their lives have creams, pastries and all kind of heavenly desserts on top of that they are wine and cheese lovers too! How on earth do they not have weight issues?

  1. They take three meals a day and no snack munching
  2. They keep their food portion size small and their overall meal rather ligh
  3. Go green, they literally live a diet that consists of only greens
  4. Food should always be fresh and all natural options are great to have
  5. Instead of high saturated oil options, they opt for olive oil\
  6. Bread and Pasta are eaten daily but they are wholesome
  7. Desserts are considered as a treat and the portion sizes are very little

In Northwestern Mexico, Tarahumara Indians:

The Tarahumara or Raramuri are basically the Native American people, who are from the Northwest Mexico, have some of the most impressive human traits.

They can run for a pretty long distance, they have minimal illness records; their sugar levels are brilliantly low and most importantly, they do not have any kind of obesity or overweight problem.

Moreover, they are renowned as experienced & knowledgeable people in farming and impressive runners (by the way, the meaning of Raramuri is runners).

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This nation usually lives in cabins of stones or small woods, under the cliff and in caves. Almost no contemporary technology they use, their remote living environment is a true picture of calmness and serenity.

Normally, the food they usually consume is not based on meat and it possesses maize (corn) and beans. They tend to enjoy apples and potatoes and in a rare case; sheep, goat or fish of fresh water and their further secrets to living long and healthy include:

  1. Peaceful environment
  2. Their food is rich with the high nutritional properties
  3. Foot throwing and running is a part of their tradition
  4. Chili peppers are a compulsory element of their many traditional dishes and these dishes are also part of their routine meals
  5. Complex Carbohydrate is an essential part of their diet
  6. Usage of salt is very low
  7. Low fat
  8. Their diet possesses a very low amount of cholesterol
  9. Usage of herbs is a routine thing

Follow the Greece way:

The native of Crete (one of the islands of Greek) and Greece have the lowest record of obesity and diseases. Greek people are said to be one of the countries that have people with longer lives and amazing health.

Greek people are too lively as their lives are full of music, feasts (that are healthy), energetic way of dancing, celebrations and they enjoy their lives with glee.

Fresh Veggies and Fruits are their Mantra like figs, plums, grapes, pears, purslane, spinach, dandelions and all the vegetables that are Dark green in color plus their cooking methods include a large variety of fresh & dried spices and herbs such as oregano, bay leaves, cumin, garlic, cinnamon, mustard, cloves and fennel.

Moreover, their diet literally contains a list of items that are full of beans, lentils, pasta and whole grains. In other condiments, fresh nuts, olive oil, Kalamata olives, and honey are included.

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Most of the Greek cuisine dishes are prepared in sheep or goat’s milk cheese for example feta and for desserts their world famous Baklava with a dressing of honey or yogurt with fresh fruits and a reasonable filling of walnuts or pistachios.

Here are a few honorable mentions

  1. Never rushed when it is dining time
  2. Eat fish but in moderation
  3. Green is a mandatory part of their diet, it means green life style
  4. Laughing is important
  5. Dancing is considered ubiquitous
  6. Lamb meat is reserved only for a few occasions that are special
  7. Olive oil is believed to be a True gift of nature
  8. Health is pivotal for Greek people

Georgian Region:

Georgian region is full of folk stories, cultural tales, legends of longevity and health.

Furthermore, a good amount of literature has been written on this subject. Their perfect healthy routine, the weight loss plans, the ideal beauty secrets, the diets and the ideal age.

However, many experts believe that they are not the Georgians but the former Soviet Georgians (Abkhasians) that lead the healthy life but all are on the same page when it comes to claiming that Georgians do have a significant low rate of obesity as compare to the other European countries. Plus, many diseases that are getting common in our modern life style are not still very common in Georgian culture and here are a few of their secrets of healthy life style:

  1. Just like the other healthy nations, they also follow a Green way of living
  2. They believe in long age and that is why they do take measures to make it happen
  3. They are not very good at consuming eggs; normally their egg intake is limited only 2-3 eggs per week
  4. Honey is considered as a substitute for refined sugar and they often enough prefer honey instead of sugar in their diet
  5. Goat cheese is kind of a part of their tradition
  6. They tend to get adjusted as per the rhythms of life; they believe it is to be the mantra of a prosperous life
  7. Lima beans and veggies that are pickled are said to be their favorite food items
  8. Consumption of nuts is really common like wild chestnuts
  9. Meat is prepared in the juice of pomegranate when it comes to cooking it
  10. The fat that is obtained from chicken or meat is avoided totally
  11. A cornmeal mash called “Abista” locally is quite a common and necessary thing

Final Thought:

All these nations or countries are following different ways and quite frankly kind of revealed secrets that you and I can introduce in our lives to make sure the healthy life style that has no trace of fat or obesity. It is all about how much one is willing to attain those positive traits in their lives.


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