Healthy Desserts That Can Help You Shed Pounds

Dieting Is Wishful SHRINKING…

The article is intended to highlight some healthy desserts that can be incorporated in a diet program. However it is important to mention here that these are the foods that can help the body to boost its potential to torch fat, rather the sources to torch fat!

The decision to lose weight tends to bring a lot new challenges that come in your way. First of all, deciding the most encouraging and effective way to lose weight is actually the biggest challenge, on which the foundation of your decision lies.

Choosing a lifestyle or changes in the lifestyle that needs to be done, pertaining to the eating habits! I have come across many individuals who actually overdo their dieting and exercise to the limits while they start with the program. Remember, these are not the effective and healthy ways to lose weight! These can only cause you complications that are, trust me, way troubling then your weight gain is!

When it comes to the word desserts, of course, these are something that dieters avoid in the first place! Indeed, cakes and chocolates are all that delicious items that largely promotes weight gain!

However, what about the ones who have sweet-tooth, and just because of this, are not willing to start a dieting program? Indeed, saying NO to these mouth watering items is not easy for all, as not everyone can resist to these! So, what can be done for such a case? Is there a possibility for these people to lose weight without them compromising their ‘sweet’ habits? Well yes!  They can, however, they must know what desserts they can have while they are on a diet! For this reason, I have prepared a list of some lip smacking desserts that you make yourself and enjoy:


You can simply have hot beverages such as tea and coffee; however, I will be discussing some cold treats later. These tend to have less calories however are loaded with antioxidants. Interestingly, adding creamer or sugar to these hot beverages will improve your chances to gain weight, so what can be done in the case? As without these, these drinks are hard to intake. Interestingly, you can always count the alternate, for example coconut sugar! It tastes like typical sugar, though is healthier!

Moreover, low fat milk can be used as a replacement for creamer. Taking any of these before conducting your workout will benefit you the most, as these are proven to stimulate metabolism.


Well, Papya delight smoothie hits my list at number two! To make this mouth watering smoothie, you will need the following ingredients:

  1. Papaya
  2. Ice cubes.
  3. Low fat milk.

Simply blend the ingredients using a blender and your drink is ready to be enjoyed. You can have the smoothie after consuming your meals. The drink, like you may think is more than then just a dessert as it is full of nutrients! Papaya, the core ingredient of this smoothie encompasses papain, an enzyme that is vital for the easy digestion of foods.  Moreover, the fruit also contains essential vitamins, whilst a source to improve your immune system. Coming on to the other ingredient, milk, it is pretty obvious that milk is a healthy source of calcium, our bones needs!


When it comes to desserts, mentioning fruit- flavored ice cream is a must! You can simply make these at home, and for that, ice- cream maker is not a must! You just need to arrange the following ingredients:

  • Strawberries/ mangoes.
  • Vanilla
  • Low-fat milk.

Simply blend all the ingredients and transfer the mixture into an air-tight container. Place the container in the fridge, and there you go! Moreover, you can also add and mix fruit chunks into the mixture, before placing the container in the fridge. This will add more taste and will give more texture to it!


Well, this is one good dessert you can have while you are on your way to lose weight. To make very berry salad, you will need the following ingredients:

Mix the aforementioned ingredients and enjoy your very raspberry berry salad! Interestingly, berries are full of insoluble fibers that are highly beneficial for the eradication of toxins present in our body.

So, these were few desserts and their quick recipes for you to enjoy! As I have mentioned in the beginning that these desserts are not intended to burn fat, however aids in improving the ability of the body to torch fat.

Remember, when it comes to losing weight, one thing that can only help you is consistency. Instead of skipping meals, limit your intake. Start with making slight changes in your lifestyle!

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