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Can Drinking Green Tea Really Help You Detox & Lose Weight?

Who doesn’t want to lose weight? Ask any one and you will hear a lot of people saying yes. Weight loss is one of the most common issues of both men and women. The fact behind the increased obsession with weight loss is the society has become a lot trendy and choosy in its nature. We like those people who have the slim and slender figure. A designer designs such clothes which cannot be worn by some bulky lady or man. Ultimately the cravings for a shaped body arise.

What more disturbing are the toxins which we unknowingly inhaling or ingesting by any means. They are causing immense problems and serious health issues. There are several ways by which by which you can lose fats and detox your body.

The weight loss industry has grown so much that now it is considered a big business sphere. You cannot just detox your body and go around easily losing weight. For losing weight, there are certain curbs which need to observe and followed otherwise fat loss becomes an utter hard task. When you are ready to execute the plan of weight loss, follow it wholeheartedly and stick to it through whatever.

To ease you struggle why we don’t tell you about a wonder substance that will help lose fats and detox your body both at the same time. And what’s even better is it doesn’t hard on taste buds. This miraculous remedy for you is the green tea.

Green tea not only helps in losing fats but effectively detoxify your body with the large number of several molecules. There are several brands offering their best results. Before you rush to the store to buy you own weight loss package, why don’t have an inside look of green tea, as what makes it so effective for those struggling to shed pounds. Whether all the spiel and hype created in the market is true or not? Let find out!


Potency of green tea

Green tea has proved to be highly fruitful not only weigh loss but preventing number of diseases. A study carried out in Harvard Medical School suggested that green tea has exceptional capabilities to hinder several ailments we dread. Well it is known to be good for the prevention of heart attacks, stroke, and number of cancers namely: lungs cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Green tea has proved to be very effective in the regulation of blood pressure and thereby enhancing it. Green tea has always been there. It has a long history of usage in the traditional medicines. It has extravagant properties that make it one of the best beverages of today. It is something nature had created to its perfection.

Kou tea has been used as diuretic and stimulant in the traditional medicine practice. Some other advantages of green tea include treatment of gas, regulating blood pressure and blood sugar level, enhancing digestive system and relieves stress and gives you mental peace.

How does it work?

Scientists are of the view that ployphenols and antioxidants in the green tea are reason at the back of it highly effective healthy attributes. It has a lot up in its sleeves to offer. The antioxidants in the green tea help to fight the toxins that are inhaled or ingested by any means over the course of the day. They fight the free radicals in the body effectively, which if left as such, may cause several severe problems such that inflammation and mutation of DNA strands which ultimately results in cancer.

Green tea contains several compounds that are nothing but a package of health and benefits. Ployphenols found in the green tea have more antioxidants properties than vitamin C, which effectively burns fat and helps you reduce weight effectively. well, green tea is not just for burning fats and detoxification, they have the counter benefits to give you brighter fairer glowing skin over it regular consumption.

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How to take green tea

The average cup of green tea contains 60 to 80 mg of ployphenols in it. Adults can consume as much as three cups a day to meet their needs. You may take aid from the green tea extract pills which are very effective burning fats.

Weight loss and green tea

Green tea has proved to be highly beneficial in the reducing weight. The study has revealed that it has great metabolic enhancing properties and thus helping in reducing weight efficiently.

However in order to see much better results you need to couple the green tea with the effective workout plan. That is how you will get the best out of green tea.


To you amazement, we must tell you that there is no solid prove of green tea in reducing weight and detoxifying, but it is the fact that a lot of people have seen numerous benefits and observed weight loss. Those seeking for ways to shed excessive extra pounds must maintain a balanced diet and workout regularly.

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