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5 Key Reasons You Need to Lose Weight and How!

Being overweight does not only make you look bad but the impact of obesity is far beyond and deeper than just making you look unattractive. The adverse effects that obesity has on human health are very scary and almost impossible to overlook.

Medical science has confirmed that obesity and increased layers of body fat is a direct contributor to increasing the risk of developing cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and digestive issues.

The health problems associated with obesity are numerous and thus, it becomes essentially one of the most important reasons why you need to shed off the extra flab. Similar to this, there are countless other reasons why you need to lose weight.

There are actually some very easy ways how you can do it too! In this article, we talk about everything from obesity to why you need to melt off the fat layers and how you can do it effectively.

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People Try to Lose Weight but Give Up

According to the statistics of a recent survey it has been revealed that every 3 out of 5 people give up ‘too soon’ when they start the effort to lose weight. Obesity is one of the most common problems and is a serious health concern that people these days are facing all around the globe. But unfortunately, not everyone has yet taken it to be a serious matter and do something about it. Piling up on the pounds is easier than shedding it off.

Motivation to Lose Weight

It is important to remember that there are some very good reasons why you need to cut through the body fat layers and bring your size down.

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  1. It is Cutting Your Life Short

It may sound a little too blunt but this is the truth which cannot be denied. A recent survey carried out under the Health Association of the United States of America has confirmed that obesity and being excessively overweight cuts your life short. Now when we say this, we do not think that we mean just by a year or 2. In fact, obesity is known to cut your life short by at least 20 years! You could actually live to see your grandkids getting married but only if you shed the extra flab correctly.

  1. Obesity Causes Some Serious Issues for Women

Little did you know that women are the ones who get fat at a double rate as compared to men and the severity of the issue is more for women as well!

Obesity in women does all the wrong things. It messes with your hormones and causes a disruption in the reproductive system. Fat layers are known to exert pressure on the uterus tubes and vaginal opening which makes it difficult for a women to conceive. It also impacts the monthly menstrual cycle of women which also has a negative effect on the chances of a woman getting pregnant.

  1. Obese People are More Prone to Psychological Disorders

As hard as it might be to believe but obesity not only has a direct association with your physical health but also impacts your mental health a great deal as well. For instance, obese people are a greater risk of developing dementia, amnesia, retarded motor skills and other cognitive disabilities.

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  1. Cancer May Harm You More

Cancer is a life-threatening disease that though is curable but also proves to be fatal in severe cases. Every year, more than thousands of reported deaths are due to cancer of some form. Obese people have a weaker immune system and are a greater risk of developing cancer. Not only is the risk of cancer higher for people who are obese but it is difficult for cancer to cure for people who are fat. The risk of other complications arising when you are obese is higher. Similarly, the ability of your body to fight against the fatal disease and respond to treatment and medicationis lower when you have increased layers of fat in the body.

Lose the Excess Weight!

If you want to look good, feel good and stay healthy, make sure you begin with the weight loss process without any delays. Losing weight is a constant struggle and can take up to forever but we urge you never to give up. Making small lifestyle changes will make all the difference in the world. Here are some quick tips on how you can shed off the extra fat layers and beat the flab!

  1. Burn More than You Consume

The first thing you will need to do is control the amount of food you intake. Losing weight is all about burning more calories than you consume.

  1. Watch What You Eat

Losing weight requires you to stick to certain foods while giving up on others. It is important to remember that eating right plays its key role in melting the fat off.

  1. Engage In Physically Exhausting Activities

Remember that losing weight is all about engaging in physically exhausting activities. If you want to lose the extra flab, you need to work hard for it. Hit the gym, engage in gruesome training sessions and run miles each day.

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  1. Trust Your Gut and Not The Scale

People these days trust the number they see on the scale and ignore what their gut tells them. This is very discouraging. The number on the scale might not budge even if you lose weight. The reason is the fact that most of the times when you lose weight, you gain lean muscle. Therefore, the number on the scale remains constant. Similarly the weight might not go down in number because of water retention in the body. It is better to trust what you see and what your body feels like instead of relying on the number that you see on the scale.

Never ignore the person you see in the mirror every day! Shed the extra pounds now because you need to not only look good but live well too.

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