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In the modern day world of extra pressure and tension, it is indeed very hard to get the perfect balance in your life.

The perfect balance has to be the mixture of giving equal attention to all of your office work, marriage life, children and friends.

This balance is hard to get for everyone because of the sheer mental strength that is required to get it.

People working in offices face this most as not only do they have to give time the 8-10 hours shift but also they have to give the perfect amount of love in the form of time to their family.

When we do end up achieving the perfect mix, the mental stress and pressure that we suffer from ends up having the better of us and affects our performance in any one aspect of life.

The end to this rather never ending mental exhaustion is indeed a valid idea.

Marketers and medical experts have found the need in people of many kinds regarding mental strength and have come out with a product which plans to put an end to exactly this.

The Nootropics which come in different brand names and extensions plan to bring nature’s best solution for mental exhaustion to your palm in the form of a tablet.

The Nootropics all have brought quite a stir with the results but two that we will be comparing and evaluating today are Noocube and BrainPill

One thing that we should keep in mind is that both these supplements stand out as very effective enforcers, so we’re not looking for a winner but plan to evaluate their ingredients and benefits in the form of a comparison.

Introduction to the products:

The basic reason that brings about the need for the nootropics is mental exhaustion.

Mental exhaustion is not a modern phenomenon but is something that has been associated with mankind for quite a while.

Our ancestors who were very close to nature treated it with natural herbs and plants that were found near their habitats.

Considering that society has developed a lot and it is hard for the average human to find his way to the nearest jungle, it was imperative that mankind be provided with the end for this problem in a better way. Both the products tend to do just that.

Noocube and Brainpill being Nootropics are renowned for having a set of ingredients that are completely natural without the presence of any artificiality that can prove harmful in the long term.

Furthermore, both the products cater to a similar market but with a different set of ingredients conflated together to bring some similar and some varied benefits.

The Ingredients:

The ingredients used to make the products as mentioned above are completely natural. The basic reason that these products are classified as Nootropics is because they bring forward an integration of natural ingredients.

Thus it can be said that Natural and safe ingredients is indeed the Unique Selling Price or USP of the products. Moving on to the ingredients, the products have a set of different but equally effective ingredients that gel together brilliantly to get the desired results for you in the shape of better mental strength.

The ingredients of BrainPill are:

  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin b12 is indeed an important and much required induction. Vitamins of all sorts have been beneficial for humans in a variety of ways. Vitamin B12 plays its role as well by being an effective ingredient. The results that can be brought through the use of Vitamin B12 are better memory, the ability to reason in a better way and to think more profoundly.
  • L-Carnitine: Being a very proven and tested enzyme, L-Carnitine is a very effective ingredient. Along with being beneficial for many functions of the body, L-Carnitine also comes in handy in reducing mental exhaustion. The ingredient is further believed to give the brain more energy to effortlessly handle the different tasks of the day.
  • Panax Ginseng: Panax Ginseng works in an effective way to bring about a very noticeable improvement in the work pattern of the working memory. The working memory is an important part of the overall process and an increase in it can lead to better times.
  • Blueberry extract: Having been used for multiple purposes, blueberry extract has a variety of benefits associated with it. One of the plethoras of benefits is that it increases the cognitive aspect of the brain.
  • Phosphatidyl Serine: Being recognized as a safe ingredient, Phosphatidyl Serine works to bring forth better memory in the brain.

The ingredients associated with Noocube are slightly different from those of BrainPill, however give a very similar and effective result.

These ingredients can be compiled in the following list:

  • Alpha GPC: Alpha GPC is believed to be host to a lot of different brain chemicals that induce proper communication between the channels of the brain. This leads to better and quick processing along with a better memory for the brain.
  • Cats Claw: Brought from the Amazon Rainforest, Cats Claw has a multitude of benefits. But most importantly the ingredient has a lot of Neuroprotective benefits. It contains plenty of anti oxidants that create a favorable environment for DNA’s. All in all cats claw is known to gradually but effectively help increase the cognitive performance of your brain.
  • L-Theanine: An amino acid that can be linked with improved performance of the brain, L-Theanine plays an important role in the master list of ingredients. The amino acid has been tested and proved to create a relaxed but active feeling within the brain which can be helpful.
  • Oat Straw: Known as an effective ingredient, The Oat Straw basically originates from the green oat. The ingredient is believed to greatly increase the Alpha-2 waves in the brain. The increase in Alpha-2 waves has a lasting and very visible affects. The blood flow to the brain is increased which results in the receiver feeling more active and awake throughout the course of the day.

The Benefits:

Considering that both the products are Nootropics, both of them have relatively similar benefit which displays the closeness in the functionality of both the products. This is a plus point which adds to the overall strength of both the products as we now know that both the products are very effective and do not compromise on results. The benefits of both the products gathered through different reviews and

Authentic sources will be grouped under the heading of each of the product to inculcate clarity within the mind of the reader regarding the plethora of benefits, both the products bring to the picture.


Noocube is one of the best when it comes to within the Nootropics as it displays positive change from the word go. Some of the benefits associated with this result oriented product are:

  • The biggest benefit associated with Noocube is that it boosts the functioning of the brain. Our brain is made to work coherently and effectively from our birth and Noocube delivers the much needed boost that is needed with the passage of time.
  • Memory is an important part of the package when it comes to the brain thus there is an increase in the memory as well.
  • The fact that there is a boost in the functioning of the brain leads to better communication.
  • Another very important benefit that comes with the consumption of Noocube is the minimum effort that is now needed to multitask.
  • Another benefit seen amongst users is the increase in the concentration levels as people start becoming more active and enthusiastic about the things they do.

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Being a Nootropic, Brain Sense can boast of Natural ingredients and a plethora of benefits that come with it. Some of the benefits are:

  • The biggest benefit and perhaps the single most important one associated with BrainPill is perhaps that it makes you perform at a way higher rate than you were doing before. This higher rate of work is achieved with minimum effort.
  • Distractions are something that is part and parcel of feeling exhausted and lazy. With mental exhaustion a thing of the past and BrainPill inculcating a sense of activeness in you, distractions would no more haunt your day.
  • Reduced stress. With less to worry about the fog of stress will leave you for good.
  • The difficulty that you experience in learning any new skills will not be there anymore and you would find acquiring new skills relatively easier.

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Side effects:

As both Noocube and Brain Sense are Nootropics, the basic threat of suffering from side effects does not hang over the head of the user anymore.

This is because of the reason that all Nootropics as continuously mentioned throughout the course of the article hold natural ingredients.


In conclusion it is pertinent to mention that is hard to separate both Noocube and BrainPill as both the products click the right buttons when it comes to being effective and result oriented.

We might now know which ones better but what we do know is that both of these are two very quality products.

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