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Arthritis is a serious problem, which can’t be cured unless you use the pain killing products or the supplements made for the pain relief for the problem. In this article, I am going to be talking about a product called as Provailen, which is known as the best cure for Arthritis. We are going to be seeing if it really works or not, because there is not clear cut information given on the official website.

This product is claimed to be providing best benefits for stopping arthritis without causing any damage to the health. There have been numerous studies on the product, and it is seen that, almost 87.6 percent people have gotten 90 percent improvement in their health. This article will show you if the claim is true or not. This will be a complete review on Provailen, and how it is going to be stopping the symptoms of Arthritis.

The reason of Arthritis is the attacking of autoimmune system to your joint, which causes inflammation. There are different kinds of arthritis, so if you are suffering from the diseases, you can ask your doctor to tell you the type. There are 3 ingredients in the product, which can help in solving the problem by reducing inflammation and automatically, pain. So, you can live happily and actively by getting rid of the problem.

This is an easy way to cure the problem, but, not all the users are sure about getting the product because the number of the people, present in the research was not mention. Although, the number of the people was more than 80 percent, but, a clear figure of the number is needed to trust the product.

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Provailen Ingredients

There are 3 ingredients in each tablet are;

  • Ganoderma Iucidum in 800 mg
  • Capsaicin Extract in 20 mg
  • Lonjack Tongkat Ali in 15 mg

These are the active ingredients, which relief the pain and reduce the pain, stopping the symptoms of arthritis. The users are advised to take the instructed dosage only; otherwise, they can get some side effects. If the instructions are properly followed, it is obvious that you can see the desired results.

Is Provailen FDA Approved?

It is not clearly mention that the product is approved by the FDA, however they say that it is approved by the FDA lab. But, it is safe and does not cause any damage to the health, so you can use it as a product to treat your Arthritis. The users have shared their experience, telling that they have not gotten any negative effects with the use of the product. But, there may be some mild side effects like,

  • Pimples
  • Itchy Skin
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Temporary Rise in Blood Pressure Rate

Does it Reduce Pain?

There were 87.6 percent people, who have experienced 90 percent improvement, which is why we can trust the product for the use. However, there must be more researches needed to be conducted, so the users can get a clear idea if it works or not, so that they can make their mind about getting the product. There are some negative reviews about it as well, not recommending the product. So, we can never get a clear idea unless the official brand conducts some more researches on the product.

It is better to ask your doctor, if you can use it or not. It is better to let him know before trying anything because he can tell you if it is going to be helpful to you or there is some better alternative for it. Although, there is no need to take any prescription from your doctor, as the product can easily be obtained without the need of getting the prescription of your doctor. The online website of the Provailen delivers the product at almost 45 dollars for a single bottle. The shipping cost depends on where you live, and it can be delivered to the whole world, so you can always get yours at your doorsteps without a problem.


It is possible that it may work for most of the people, but they have to conduct some more researches, as the current researches does not clearly tell if the product can work perfectly or not. On the other hand, more than 80 percent people have experienced positive results, which can’t be neglected. So, if you wish to take a risk and use the product, than it is totally up to you. The users have observed some mild side effects, but, you can be saved by using it according to the instructions. The price is reasonable, and the research showed the major population getting positive results, we can trust Provailen a little to give it a chance.

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