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Females are far more concerned regarding their private parts. It causes them immense pain and disappointment when they start losing the shape of their pride possessions. Vaginal loosening is one of the most concerned among the women.

A loose vagina not only arises problem among women’s conjugal life but also lets their self-confidence shatter. There are many reasons for which vagina become flaccid and lose. Hormonal changes, childbirth, frequent sexual activities some of the core reasons which tends the vagina to lax. Growing age is also another reason why vagina becomes the flappy vagina.

A vagina is said to be loose when either vaginal walls are not so tight or the vaginal opening is too large, the reasons behind this has already been discussed before. it lays huge impressions on sex life as well as on your personality. A loose vagina results in the lack of interest in the sex, the poor sexual arousal of the partner and displeasure orgasm.

Some women can feel and understand by themselves about the condition of their private part while some women don’t know. If during sex you’re not feeling your partners thrust the way you used to before, and then you certainly have a loose vagina. Or try inserting two fingers together in, if you don’t feel pain, this would be another evidence of loose vagina. It is humiliating and disturbing but it is the most common problem women face in their life.

Previously it was left unaddressed, but now women have learned about themselves. They strive to have a perfect conjugal life with lots of sweet love and intimacies. There are several ways by which you can make your vagina healthy and tight. We are about to tell you three easy and natural ways by which you can achieve that goal. Here we begin;


1-    Kegel

It is one of the most fruitful exercises for vaginal tightening. It efficiently tightens vaginal walls. The workout focuses on the tissues and muscles in the pelvic region and guarantees stiffness of the muscles.

Well, it may seem a little too awkward but you can perform kegel exercise while urinating. When you are about to urinate hold it back for 5 seconds and then let lose. This will result into contraction and relaxation of vaginal walls and will help revive the tightness and elasticity of the vagina. Practice the technique every time you urinate. You can also perform the exercise even when you are not peeing. Sit on a hard surface like a chair. Lean forward and contract the muscles around pelvic region, from front to back. Repeat the same procedure inversely that is from back to the front. You need to stay in the prescribed position for at least 20 seconds each.

2-    Leg up

This is another helpful exercise by which you can restore the tightness of the vagina. Lie straight on a horizontal surface. Starts raising the left leg up while keeping the other on the ground, stay in that position for 20 seconds then lower gradually. Repeat the same process for the right leg. In order to get the best results, you have to perform the exercise daily for a total of about twenty-five minutes.

You can also perform this exercise in another form. In this legs stay grounded but are moved latterly and medially. You need to perform the exercise for four sets dividing on a whole day.

Proper diet

In order to restore you vagina’s tightness and elasticity, you have to maintain a proper diet plan along with the exercises. You need to consume a lot of healthy fats, proteins, and fresh vegetables in order to keep your vagina strengthened and healthy. Fruits provide numerous essential nutrients that keep vagina alive and young.

Healthy diet plan reinforces strength and elasticity in you pussy and repairs damaged and lessened tissues.

Herbs for vaginal tightness

Herbs have always been used for the cure of several problems. The best thing about herbs they do not leave any side effects. Herbs can also be used for vaginal tightening. Gooseberry is the prominent herb that is used in this regard. Mix gooseberry and water and boil for some time. Wash your vagina with the mixture on the daily basis for a healthy and tighten the vagina.

Oak gall and Peuraria Mirifica are other herbs that can be used to serve the same purpose. Enriched with Phytoestrogen it helps fight flaccid vagina due to astringent properties. These herbs help tighten the vagina effectively. They are greatly admired and liked by many, due to the astonishing results they produce.

Last verdict

If you are one of the facing problems with your vagina and looking for ways to improve the condition of it, then here are some of the best natural techniques of getting a healthy and tight vagina. In order to get the best results, you need to stick to the routine and maintain a healthy diet.

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