Should Women Lift Weight?

Do you do gymming? If yes, then are you clear about your goals? Are you working out for a well-shaped, toned body or are just looking forward to melt away the thick layers of fat deposited under your skin?

No doubt, doing treadmill and crunches is a good way to get closer to a ‘defined body’, however, the question which arises here is that these activities good enough to get through your goals?

Weight lifting, often regarded as the man’s activity can turn out to be equally effective for you to get the body you desired. Not just the perfection in physical outlook, weight lifting is also associated with a number of health benefits. Yes, the activity is not just meant for men and by no means, makes your body look masculine.

Weight lifting, as mentioned earlier, can give you a lot more health benefits than you may even think of. Besides toning and giving a perfect look to your body, weight lifting can actually elevate your stamina levels to the max! To help you know more about this particular bodybuilding activity, we have come up with some very core benefits of doing weight lifting. These will actually help you understand why weight lifting can be the ultimate pathway to a healthy and attractive body.

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Lifting weight can help in elevating your strength levels. That’s right. Basically, weight lifting is an activity that involves the entire muscles present in your body. Of course, when something like this happens, your body becomes able to perform all sorts of tasks that can challenge your physical abilities. Besides, stronger muscles, is another favorable result.


Well, apart from burning fats, weight lifting is also proven to torch extra calories. Of course, this is highly ideal for all those willing to drop weight. Basically, the activity helps to annihilate calories in a number of ways. Firstly, while you perform the exercise itself, you are able to lose many of these. Next, weight lifting helps to grow muscle mass and as known, more muscles means the more usage of calories and last, it helps to expedite metabolism, which then helps your body to lose calories even after you are done with your workouts.


Weight lifting is a proven way to annihilate the excess and unwanted fat surrounding any, xyz area of your body. That’s right. The activity is way more effective than following strict diet or performing any other exercise. The fact is also backed by studies. According to one, women who performed weight lifting exercises managed to shed more fat as compared to the ones who performed cardiovascular exercise.



Dieting simply slims down your body however; shaping can be done through weight lifting. Basically, weight lifting tightens up your muscles and maintains muscle definition giving you a more defined and curvier physique you always desired.


Weight lifting is particularly ideal for females for it helps to improve the health of their bone to a significant point. Women are more likely to lose bone density. As they start to age, their bones become weak. Luckily, weight lifting can help in improving bone density. Apart from this, it also helps to fortify joints.


Weight lifting can help in boosting your emotional and mental health, both. It does so by easing stress that can impair your emotional and mental health to the greatest. Apart from this, weight lifting is also proven to boost memory and concentration. Well, that’s not enough, with a well shaped body and a peaceful mind, you are more likely to experience a boost in your confidence level.


Weight lifting is one proven way to expedite your metabolism. Yes, with a more active metabolism, you are likely to enjoy a more energetic and charged body. Indeed, energy is what that’s greatly needed at the time of workout. Not just workouts, we need energy to spend the rest of our day going and active. Never to forget mentioning, that we also need energy for the well-functioning of our brain.


And last, but definitely not the least, women who perform weight lifting exercises are least likely to face heart related diseases in the future. Reason for this lies in the fact that the activity reduces cholesterol levels and thus said to be a proven way to lower the chances of heart diseases. Besides this, weight lifting can also regulate blood pressure which is good for the health of our entire body organs.

So, this was all about weight lifting and its benefits for women! So, do you still believe that weight lifting is only for men and not for you? If yes, think again!

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