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I’m Not Strong For A Girl – I’m Just Strong…

The composition of female human body is different if it compared with the composition of men. As women are not built in the same way as the men, so the testosterone production is also lesser in women as compared with men.

Testosterones are the hormones that help in the growth of muscles which are less in women. It is hard for men as well to make up their body even with proper exercise and diet. So to make it a bit easier, the company came up with the good idea of introducing supplements with the name crazy bulk in order to cope up with these problems.

Now crazy bulk has laid the foundation for women to build up there mass. This is one of the safest one to be used and is made up of all natural ingredients. It boosts up your body muscles by giving strength to it. It contains hard core legal steroids that maximizes your workout and provides your muscle the strength that is demanded by the body.

These products are specifically designed to speed up the mass of the muscles in the body. There is a huge amount and variety available in the market, but to trust each and every product may lead you to destruction.

Because some of the illegal supplements that claim to be the best in the market, gives worst side effect. That is why we recommend you to always keep your eyes open and before trying anything, search for it properly in the market.

Now let’s consider the properties of crazy bulk, its side effects, how it works and will it be good for you or not?

Pros of crazy bulk:

Here are its some of the benefits:

  • It increases the production of HGH in the body naturally.
  • It is safe to use.
  • All the ingredients in it are natural.
  • There are no side effects of using crazy bulk in case of boosting the HGH level.
  • It helps in burning the fats in your body.
  • It contains amino acids in it that regulates the stimulation of pituitary glands in the body.
  • It builds harder and strong muscles, the muscles that you want.
  • It does not cause any damage to the organs like, kidney, liver etc.
  • It increases blood supply and oxygen to the body.

Cons of crazy bulk:

  • Use it as per doctors’ advice.
  • It may take time to gain mass on your body.
  • Do not use it if you find the ingredients that are not good for your health or you may get affected to any particular ingredient.

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How it works:

The supplements usually take time to start its process and producing results. Another factor is that it may vary from one person to another. Other factors might also be involved in it but it takes about 2 to 3 weeks minimum to start appearing and giving some mass to the body.

Is it safe to use?

If you are worried and conscious about your health, then it is important point for you to check that whether it will be beneficial for you or not, will it be safe for you or not. Cray bulk is a well-known name that has been revolving in the industry since many years.

This company has not only built a good name in the market but has also created a large number of followings. The supplements that crazy bulk provides are all safe and made up of natural ingredients only. These supplements are clinically proven and have been tested by FDA. So there is no need to get worried about its usage.

How to use it?

These steroids containing bottle will consist of about 30 tablets each. You will have to take three doses per day, along with each of the meal that you take. Take it on regular basis. This course is for eight weeks or two months. It is recommended to complete it, for better results.

Your muscles will look stronger and healthy. It usually works by producing the hormones in the body that will start building up the muscles and to give it a perfect tone which is required.


It has the following ingredients:

Whea, soy protein, wild yam, branched chain amino acids like Leucine, valine, isoleucine, adenosine triphosphate (that is body’s biochemical method for storing and using energy)


For women, crazy bulk is a good supplement to use. You can maintain your soft feminine look as well as strong and heavy muscles. You can also weight train your muscles. Weight train helps the body in increasing the lean muscles of the body. The higher is the amount of muscles in the body, the higher will be the rate of calories burn in the body.

The secret of any body building lies in the proper dietary plan and perfect balance of essential hormones to build the muscles of the body especially in case of women. Crazy bulk has an effective solution to it by offering the supplements that comes in various stacks as well all depending upon that what a particular man wants for its body.

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