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Do you want to lose 15 lbs in a half month?

15 Day Secret of losing weight in a dramatic way!

Di.Et is a Diet Plan that consists of 15-Day duration.  It can be your most practical secret for weight loss. Set off to lose weight with this Easy and Amazing Plan of Diet!

Di.Et- 15 Day Diet Plan:


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  • Within 15 days, you can lose up to 15 lbs
  • It can give you body measurements that can let you fit in 1-2 size smaller dresses
  • It can make you appear 3-5 younger than your actual age
  • It decreases cellulite
  • It is a complete set of 5 guides
  1. Introduction guide
  2. Diet guide
  3. Workout guide
  4. Supplement guide
  5. Maintenance guide
  • It has gained positive reviews from customers
  • It has the tendency to bring you the results faster than any other weight loss programs
  • It offers a complete money back guarantee if your results are not appealing.

What is Di.Et Plan and what is its working principle?

There are several diet plans on the market but nothing works like Di.Et. It is an apt creation of science to help people out to lose 15lbs within 15 days.

Di.Et Plan includes five crucial guides:

  • Introduction Guide
  • Diet Guide
  • Workout Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • Maintenance Guide

#1 Introduction Guide:

This guide is a simple introduction but in fact, It helps you to get a proper attitude for your journey because the right mindset is everything.

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It covers these following areas:

  • How to distinguish motivational elements to support you adhere to the program for the complete duration of 15 days
  • How to point out the elements that are nothing but the obstacles that are refraining you from accomplishing
  • Steps and techniques that you can apply to avoid these hurdles
  • Why the conventional weight loss of quarter kg (almost half lbs) a week is a recipe for failure

#2 Diet Guide:

The Diet Guide (second guide in the series) makes you aware regarding several food items that enhance the performance of your metabolism.

Hence, making it more useful for your body functions

Here is the outline of this guide:

  • It includes the techniques that are helpful in elevating fat burning process in the human body
  • A Proper awareness about macronutrients that have the potential to do dramatic changes for your body
  • 9 reliable food items those are super at torching fat way And You should make them part of your diet as soon as you get a chance
  • How to keep the weight off for good
  • Special meal plans for 15 days for all the vegans and meat lovers (Something that they can incorporate into their routine)

#3 Workout Guide:

The Diet guide helps in controlling weight means 80% you are in control

However, to have a control 100 % control over your weight, you are bound to introduce workout in your life.

Workout most people consider as a synonym of nightmare But they should not because right workout regimens can do wonders!

This workout guide (3rd guide in the series) Has a comprehensive list of the most practical exercises, They do bring results in the form of burning fat.

It lets you discover your body fat spectrum status and learn things,

It can be helpful in decreasing this body fat status.

It can tell you ways to survive through plateaus

That is common to experience when a person is losing weight.

This guide includes these following points:

  • To warm up the body, stretching exercises
  • Discussion on SAID Principle and how you can inculcate it into your life
  • How to make double the impact of cardio exercises
  • Whether spot reduction is possible or not
  • During traveling how to sustain exercise regimen
  • Comprehensive 15 Day workout program with the exercises and how to perform them in an impactful manner

#4 Supplement Guide:

To incorporate with your diet and workout Some of the renowned supplements are mentioned in this guide. Moreover, these supplements are result oriented, safe and healthy for the users

A few of them are as follows:

  • Fish oil
  • BCAAs
  • Cleanse Tea
  • Whey Protein
  • And a few others

#5 Maintenance Guide:

Losing weight can be easy but keeping that lost weight off the body can be a real issue. Unfortunately, most of the people who lose weight tend to regain it after a few months.

The Maintenance guide (5th in the series) is likely to be the most pivotal guide among all five guides. This book is a combination of strategies that guide you further for maintaining weight once you lose it with Di.Et program.

  • How to maintain indulgences while keeping the excess weight at a bay
  • Impactful techniques that allow you to fulfill your commitment to the weight loss goals
  • How to elevate your will power to give you a real boost in your weight loss journey
  • How to keep an ideal balance between your diet and lifestyle
  • Methods through which your health and well-being get improvement


Di.Et Plan is not short of satisfied customer reviews as it is a hit worldwide

Some of the reviews are:

  1. Maria John says

I had been trying different weight loss plans and strategies but I did not succeed and when I came across Di.Et things got amazing.

I have been able to lose that extra fat within the limited time because of this Di.Et and I can now wear my favorite jeans that I was not able to wear for last 5 years

  1. David says

I wanted to propose the girl of my dreams but I had very low self-esteem as she was a “Miss Perfect” and I was used to be obese. I did not want to face rejection and that is why I started Di.Et.

Frankly speaking, I was not sure whether this Di.Et plan will work or not but I started anyhow Yet, to my amazement, it worked.

I proposed the girl of my dreams and now we are about to get married in a few couple of days.

Di.Et Plan gave me the strength to take control of my love life. I owe Di.Et a big time!


Di.Et plan is a complete set of solutions for all

  1. As it does not contain only the planning for maintenance of diet but also it contains guides for the different aspects of losing weight
  • Workout session guide
  • Supplementation guide
  • Maintenance of weight (after losing it)
  • 5 separate guides covering all the important aspects on the individual level
  • Losing a tremendous amount of weight in 15 days (half-month period) provides this Di.Et plan some serious edge!
  • Customer reviews are positive
  • 75-day money back guarantee

Draw Backs:

  1. It is expensive (quality often comes at the good price)
  2. Losing excess weight in a short period can damage health if proper care is not taken
  3. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not switch their diets all of a sudden
  4. People who have existing health issues


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Final Verdict:

The plan can work for people as per their claim. But, it may not work in the same way for everybody because of a variety of factors but it will be effective to some extent for everyone.

As we have said earlier, losing weight is not the full achievement, keeping the weight at bay for long period is the real aim and goal. This plan can be helpful for people.


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