Brestrogen vs Total Curve

As men are supposed to have masculine body, women are also supposed to have more feminine body and when we are talking about feminine body type, a chest is more than important then.

Unfortunately, most of the women are not blessed with it but there is nothing to worry as science has had some great breakthroughs and getting a good body shape or enhancing any specific part of it now is not a big deal.

There are dozens of products that let women have an ideal chest or more specifically a good pair of mammary glands.

Today, we are going to discuss two highly appreciative products but here we will discuss things that can help women to decide which product to choose between two of them “Brestrogen vs. Total curve”.

For those females who are afraid of any surgical treatment or any painful injections, Brestrogen and total curve have apt solution to your problem.

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Clinical Studies:


It is produced from powerful ingredients and the best part is the main ingredient, Pueraria Mirifica, a plant compound is natural

Total curve:

it is proven in various labs that total curve gel with volufiline  has some tremendous result to show as cells that are exposed up to 1% concentrated volufiline accept 492% more fat molecules that results in an overall size enhancement. Noticeably, it is produced by leading team of scientists.

Are there any side effects?


No, there are no side effects in Brestrogen because it is made from natural ingredients that are from the forest of Chiengmai in Thailand.

Total Curve:

It is made up of finest quality ingredients with all the safety standards as stringent as those for pharmaceuticals. It is natural and it is safe. However, there are a few herbals that are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you still have specific concerns, Please feel free to talk to your doctor before using it.

Why to use Brestrogen or Total Curve?


 It is quickly absorbable, so it will not stain the clothes or create any mess and it has a natural scent that is again, makes it unnoticeable.

 You do not want to visit clinic again n again. Okay! As it is designed to be used at home, it means you do not need any expertise to use it.

 Aging, weight changes, pregnancy and nursing all can have bad impact on the shape, firmness and size of your mammary glands and Brestrogen can change these bad effects into the right shape, size and firmness because of its powerful formula.

 Unfortunately, augmentation surgeries of breast are insanely expensive and risky as well and when it comes to get them better the options are limited but Brestrogen is the solution for all those questions as it will give the results without any surgery or risky procedures.

Total Curve:

 It is a double action procedure, it includes a series of natural phytoestrogens that safely mimic estrogen to create a mastogenic impact, and it is almost the same thing that many females experience during the period of pregnancy.

 The total curve gel with volufiline naturally increases the fatty tissues in the chest area for a significant enhancement in breast volume.

What is in Brestrogen and Total curve?


Pueraria mirifica is collected from the forests of Thailand and it is quite popular and well known for its mammary glands development characteristics.

It helps breast tissues and increases the breasts with fatty tissues and ligaments which allow chest to maintain its shape.

It is renowned to be high in phytoestrogens that has a role in mimicking the impacts of oestogen (hormone that is responsible for breast enlargement in a female’s body). Phytoestrogens increase the distribution of oestrogen in the tissue and the flow of blood. Helping tissues in growth, maintaining shape and suppleness.

It can support breast by lengthening milk ducts, expanding fat tissues, adding shape through the ligaments around the cups. It helps in regulating collagen, resulting in smoother skin.


Pueraria mirifica has often enough been called the “Elixir of youth” because of its anti-aging characteristics and that includes anti-wrinkle and alleviation of menopausal symptoms.

It helps to promotes fibroblasts in cells that also have great powers when it comes to beautifying the mammary glands.

Pueraria mirifica also has Miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, coumestrol and isoflavones which are highly effective in overall procedure of strengthening the milk ducts, increasing the size of fat tissues, resulting well-shaped curves

Total Curve: it has two products: daily supplement and gel (volufiline)

Ingredients of daily supplement:

Buckwheat Leaves/ Flowers, Fennel seeds, Dong Quai Root, Damiana Leaf, Blessed Thistle, Hops, Watercress Leaves/ shoots, Black Cohosh Root, wild yam root, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide.

Ingredients of Gel (volufiline):

Aloe-Vera Extract, Bearberry Extract, Algae Extract, Mango butter, Vitamin C and caffeine

How to use them:


It is easy to use. The company recommends that it should be used twice a day. 2-3 drops of Brestrogen and massage it around the chest area until it is totally absorbed into the skin. It is very convenient as it does not have any noticeable odor.

Total Curve: its double action formula is super and its usage is simple too.

Daily supplement: Per day 2 capsules are needed to be taken, one in morning with breakfast and the other one capsule at night with dinner.

Gel: It is best to use it in morning and bedtime. It will be massaged in a form of thin layer around the chest area with a gentle circular motion.

What is the Price?

Brestrogen will cost around $124, discreet shipping and 128 bit security on all orders.

Total curve Therapy silver system will cost around $69.95 excluding shipping charges with discreet shipping.


Well, as far as website designs are concerned, they are of very low on creativity, site designs could have been improved with more appropriate pictures as it is not very user friendly.

Except that all the other things are very helpful on official sites of both the products, all the relevant information is given and in a very subtle manner.

Moreover, both products have good reputation with positive ratings.

However, in terms of pricing, Total Curve is more economical but other than that both are great choice for any non prescription supplement in this category.

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