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What Is The Perfect Breast Size?

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The most debated topic that what is considered to be the best or ideal breast size for ladies varies as the time passes.

There are different region in which the people like different structures or give preference to various sizes. So we cannot suggest or set a standard for a perfect body size. But according to the reviews or as per the researches made the perfect body size is considered to be of Kate Middleton or Kim Kardashian.

Most of them agree with this statement but some of them do not. See, the world cannot agree to the statement all at one time. In this article will discuss about the most important and highlighted topic of the era, that is the bust size. The bust size varies in each and every human body.

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Breast size:

The ideal breast size is considered to be the one in which the bust and the hips have the same size whereas the waist is considered to be a bit thin. You can say that an hour glass look is the perfect look.

In the eastern world, this size is considered to be the perfect but in the western world; the girls with the huge or heavy breasts are more attractive. The choices vary accordingly. Men prefer to look at the women with the firm or bigger breast. The priorities and choices of the men vary, so do the trend in bust size varies.

A research has been made in which the people were asked to see the picture of different naked boobs and then they have to rank them according to their hotness. This research was conducted by taking people from different areas and the research come out to say that the more natural look of the breast, the hotter it looks.

According to the ratio of the survey, it was said that an angle of 45 degrees above the nipple lone and an angle of 55 degree below the nipple point is considered as the sexier and hotter one. So the ratio comes out to be 45:55.

It was observed that the natural and normal breast size that comes out to be 34 in women’s language.  Although there are 19 different bra sizes that has been built for the ladies, each have been made after a proper research.

We cannot deny these sizes, because these sizes actually exist. The up and down in the size occurs due to various reasons like pregnancy, age factor, surgery, going through any severe disease etc.

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Breast shape:

The shape is considered more important than the size according to women. The bigger the shape of the breast the more it gives a good look.

The shape that is commonly known as perky shape is the one having firm breast and the pencil shape breast is the one which is not having any bulge under the breast and is smaller in cup size as well. Well, to clear this point here, the bulge does not give a bad look or unattractive look. In fact this is the point that shows the natural look over the body.


So to summarize the breast sizes does matter for girls but for men, if you are women and you are in his house then the size really does not matter. We all know that the breast sizes develop contrarily in different girls, depending upon various factors like age, diet, area, inherited traits etc.

Normally the breast develops in the girls at the age of 15 or 16 and fully develops at the age of 18 usually. The breast size that came out to be normal or you can say that different sizes of fully developed breast are 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40. These are the normal ones that usually a woman carries throughout the world.

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