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Yellow teeth always look very unpleasant and ugly, and there are many causes of those pale yellow teeth, for instance, drinking, smoking, unhygienic conditions, etc. The people suffering from this problem visit dentists and go for bleaching teeth that are done by using harmful chemicals.

That is why, some products and kits are developed that can provide an alternate method to get white teeth. There are different brands with different qualities, but the top favorite of the year 2015 are the following products mentioned briefly in this article.

The products are mostly used in this year and all the users are recommending it to others for getting pearl white teeth easily.

” White Teeth Are Associated With BEAUTY & HEALTH “

Alta White

It is a product that can product you immediate results and is made of natural and effective ingredients. It is the product that does not cause any harm to the teeth or mouth unlike some other products that use harmful chemicals for whitening up the teeth. It has an effective formula that is approved by the doctors as well, which makes it a much greater product.


  • It is useful in whitening your teeth without causing any kind of trouble or sensitivity.
  • It works directly on stains or plagues for immediate results.
  • It whitens teeth without using trays or strips.
  • It can easily be applied on the teeth
  • It is safe to use


It contains

  • Magnesium
  • Aluminum Trihydroxide


  • It does not work for everyone

Mint Cosmetics

It is an excellent product that is a much favorite of the public, because it is not only an easy product that can whiten up your teeth but it is also very long lasting and healthy for the teeth. It comes with a DVD, instruction kit and easy to use mouth pieces and instruments that can remove the dirty stains from your teeth and make them shine like stars. Now you smile will be much more beautiful and appealing and everyone would love and wish to see it.


  • It contains three mold mouthpieces
  • It has a free whitening pen
  • It also includes an instruction DVD
  • The instruction manual is also present for guiding you to use the product correctly
  • It contains an applicator tip
  • It also has a teeth shade guide to see how much progress the user have made
  • It offers a free shipping
  • It can whiten your teeth up to 11 shades, which is a great benefit


  • It is a highly priced kit
  • It is difficult to use for the first 30 minutes



It is a great kit for whitening up your teeth without putting yourself into much trouble. It works quickly and great, and provides you white teeth in a very short time. The users of ZeroPerOxide are quite happy with the working and results of the product and they found its use as very easy. The products like this one helps a lot of people to improve their confidence by their beautiful smiles. The next paragraph will briefly cover the plus points of this kit for whitening teeth.


  • It helps in removing stains off your teeth
  • You will regain your confidence due to your appealing smile
  • It will provide you results under 20 minutes
  • It contains a formula that is recommended by doctors
  • The mouth tray piece provides comfort while using the product
  • The LED light accelerator provides speedy results
  • It contains non-peroxide gel


This kit is safe and easy to use and lets you get white teeth without any discomfort.

Idol White

It is a great product that allows you to get pure white teeth easily and without waiting much longer. Idol White is a product that clears all the stains and plague of your mouth and provides you healthy white teeth that make your smile beautiful and appealing. The yellow teeth will never be back once you start using it, and you can regain your confidence with it.


  • The product claims to be an effective product for whitening the teeth
  • It provides you bright and shinier teeth
  • It comes in an affordable price rate
  • The natural ingredients make the product effective
  • Your smile will now be cutest and confidence, improved


It contains

  • Glycerin
  • Water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Teeth Enamel Removers
  • Carbomer
  • Teeth Bleachers


  • It is not a product that can provide you immediate results
  • Most of the users have find it an ineffective product
  • It is not a miracle product that can whiten teeth to every person in a little time
  • Some users find its taste disgusting

” Keep Smiling Because Life Is a Beautiful Thing And There’s So Much To Smile About “

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